Having left work (Whoops sorry retired in January 2017) I decided I need to try and loose some of the additional weight and inches I had put on in recent years-but especially it seemed to sneak up on me in my last 12 months at work. I never have been a fitness fanatic but always reasonably fit.

On retiring I started to work a considerable amount of time in the garden I also got into the routine of walking 3/4 times a week and trying also very hard to go swimming once a week. However the walking started to become a bit monotonous and the swimming was more like a knit and natter session (and that’s just the blokes!!) especially when I was trying to swim-but I’m still preserving!!!

I eventually took the ‘plunge’ and courage to contact Louise and started my weekly sessions with her in October of 2017 then in December made another big step and started the Saturday morning boot camp and then another, this time not so much of a big step but the Thursday morning boot camp.

Sometimes it can be hard to push myself to go along but with the exception of only missing one session since I started in October my perseverance together with the always very tough sessions (well I think they are tough) that Louise sets has paid dividends and shown results.

Louise also managed to persuade me to take part in the Park Run on January 6th-not a great time but respectable (considering I have not run seriously for a lot of years) but it is something to work on. The last time I ran seriously was the 10th Great North Run then having competed in the first 10 with my best time being 1hour 23 minutes-those days unfortunately are now long gone! Also completed the Park Run again on April 7th achieving a time 3 minutes faster than my first attempt-not bad and very pleased with the new time-yet another challenge!!

So to the positives-in old money I have lost 1 stone 9 pounds and my waist measurement was 38 inches in January 2017 and know 33 inches I’m eating a lot healthier not perfect but I think acceptable however we’ll not mention the drinking!! As well as feeling a lot better in myself a number of people have commented I look healthier. This coupled with the fact and added bonus that I have met and now know a number of very nice people.

My goals-to continue with the sessions and boot camps and to loose a few more pounds and a couple of more inches however the downside being that a lot of my clothes are too big for me now. See the Clowns Pants-No Comments Please!! Finally no matter how much Louise makes me suffer (but saying that she is well aware of my limitations and capabilities) she always manages to put a smile on my face.

Shoutout to Louise Scott for all the help advice and training keeping me focused to get me into shape and pushing me to do the Great North Run this year.

I would definitely say she’s up there with the best personal trainers in the north east if anyone is serious about getting fit she’s definitely a personal trainer I would recommend.

And lads don’t be embarrassed to train with a lass because she’s probably tougher than most lads out there! ❤️🏃💪🔥💯 #WitnessTheFitness

I had been feeling really low about being so overweight, i even put off from going out at Christmas because i felt horrible in all my clothes. In January 2015 a leaflet came through the letterbox from Witness the fitness, i emailed Louise to say ‘i am 47 and very overweight do you think Bootcamp would be ok for me.’


Louise replied saying that would be no problem and i should come along to Mondays class. Over the weekend i asked a friend if she wanted to come along. Feeling quite nervous we went along to the class.

Louise was great with us, and the other girls were so friendly. We enjoyed it so much we started doing 3 classes a week, even in the snow and rain.

After a few weeks we joined the six week plan, doing 4-5 classes a week, eating clean and getting loads of support from Louise. 16 weeks have passed since that first bootcamp, i have lost 41lbs, i feel so much better and still look forward to each class.

I cannot thank Louise enough for everything she has done, i would definitely recommend the classes xx

Witness the Fitness 6 week plan is excellent. Louise the instructor is brilliant at keeping everyone motivated and helping then to stick to the plan. Her classes are always different… There is always something new and fun to try like tug of war, training on the beach etc. The girls on the plan are also so friendly helping each other, swapping recipe ideas and supporting each other as well as making things fun.

Louise also helps with nutritional advice and is always happy to give advice. Her happy out look on life makes it easier to train early doors. Even getting up for 6.15 is not so bad. The results are amazing.

I started witness the fitness bootcamp 18 weeks ago. Trained outside in the cold and wet and snowy weather. I have tried all the diets and nothing has worked like this. The people that I have met at bootcamp are so nice ,they all made me feel very at ease and welcome,I started with my good friend who like myself needed a kick up the behind to eventually do something after lots of failed diets. We met Louise Scott, well what can I say she is such a great person and fab at what she does

She helps and gives great advice each session , we never no wot to expect at each session as no two are the same ever ! I feel much better about myself and more confident in my body and the clothes sizes hav certainly changed over the weeks as have my weight . Physically I am a lot fitter than I have been since was young.

I will continue to come to bootcamp. And kettle bells. And keep on the healthy eating plan X

Liking what you see when you look in the mirror is important to many people, and can help someone be truly happy with themselves. But achieving that isn’t easy. Losing weight and changing your body shape is about a lifestyle change and not just a short-term fix.

In just 12 weeks, Louise helped me understand the changes I needed to make in my life to be truly happy with the way I look. She provided me with short-term goals for encouragement, and supported my every step. She introduced me to my then most-hated word – ‘exercise’ – and made it something I could actually enjoy.

In 12 weeks I lost 2 stone, 33 inches, and dropped from a size 16-18 into a size 12. The hard work I put in really paid off, but without Louise I doubt I could have even come close. She helped me make my lifestyle change, and since then I’ve lost a further 10lbs using the skills she taught me.

I will forever be thankful to Louise for making me the smaller, happier person that I am today. Every so often, someone touches your life for the better – Louise is that person in my life.

I joined bootcamp just over 2 years ago and in the beginning I would go for a couple of weeks and then not go for months… Now I am going on a regular basis and absolutely loving it.

Every session is different and designed to get the most out of us as well as having a laugh along the way. I’ve made some great friends and always look forward to going come rain or snow!

I can’t recommend Louise’s bootcamp sessions enough and so glad I decided to stick with it.

I have been training with Louise since July last Year and already I have lost 4 stone and dropped from a size 16/18 to a 10. Training with louise has changed my life I am much more confident and happy within myself. Louise makes training fun and you always have a laugh during bootcamp. We are always trying new things in bootcamp which help keep it interesting.

To start training with Louise in Bootcamp was the best decision I have made and it has changed my life dramatically. I now lead a healthier and fitter life than I ever have and enjoy it. I hope to be training with Louise for a long time to come.

I have been training with Louise and Witness the Fitness for 6 months and I can honestly say its the best fitness programme I’ve tried. The classes are hard work but never the same and are great fun.

I have a hormonal imbalance which makes it hard for me to lose weight but with the excellent nutritional advice and the motivational Bootcamp classes I’ve lost almost a stone and my fitness level and stamina have never been so high!

Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to lose weight, tone up and increase level of fitness.