Classes & Boot Camps

Louise’s Classes

  • Monday
    • 5.05pm Westoe Crown Community Hub
    • 6pm Little Haven steps
  • Tuesday
    • 6.15pm Bents Park
  • Wednesday
    • 1.30pm Buggy Boot Camp – Amphitheatre
    • 6pm Bents Park
  • Thursday
    • 6.15am Little Haven steps
  • Friday
    • Day off
  • Saturday
    • 9.15am Water’s Edge car park
  • Sunday
    • Day off

Other Services

If you are interested in one to one personal training or massage, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Massage is available every day. See my price list or contact me for pricing. I offer different packages, most customers do a four or six week package as this guarantees results – if you don’t get results I’ll refund your money.

I am a qualified nutritionist so I can do tailored nutrition plans and analyse food diaries – contact me for more details.

Fitness DVD

Witness The Fitness Workout DVD

If you can’t make it to my classes, I have released a DVD that you can do in the privacy of your own home. Please contact me directly to order.